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MED Support

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In the code saturne installation README instructions, the link for MED does not work.

I would like to enable MED support on my code_saturne installation (v 7.1.1) and compile it with ("--with-med" option) but I am not able to find the source code online . I noticed the saturne tutorials repo contain many examples with MED files so it tells me I'm better off supporting MED files .

Can you link me where I can compile with MED? Can I get MED independently of SALOME? or do you have to have SALOME in order to have MED? I prefer to compile MED stand-alone. If a majority of the tutorial examples are MED files, it tells me a majority of code_saturne's use cases are with MED files so I'd like to get help on how to support it.
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Yvan Fournier
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Re: MED Support

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The website was updated some months ago, which may have broken the link, You might try here: for a .tar.gz source, or otherwise directly from Git:

I'll try to find/update the link next week.

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