Blood flow in a human carotid bifurcation

Examples of flow modelling using Code_Saturne.
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Lucien Samary

Blood flow in a human carotid bifurcation

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This is an early stage calculation, but it works fine. Everything was done with Salome for the mesh building and for the visualisation. This study was initiated to quantify the velocity profiles and wall shear stress. But a more complete anatomically model needs to take into account the deformation of the carotid arteries. Perhaps a Code_Saturne/Code_Aster coupling will be a solution.
Yvan Fournier
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Re: Blood flow in a human carotid bifurcation

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Note that the Code_Saturne / Code_Aster coupling is a feature in current (2017-) versions of the software, but requires good knowledge of both codes.

If a mechanical model is simple enough, you may use Code_Saturne's ALE (deformable mesh) functionality which enables an integrated linear "mass, friction and spring" modeling, and does not require code_aster. Deformations may also be explicitly determined.
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