CGNS: error checking file type

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CGNS: error checking file type

Post by mmagain »


I am following the "full domain" tutorial. More specifically, the first case. When I arrive at the computation stage. I get the following error displayed :

Code: Select all


Version:   7.0.6-patch
Path:      /home/fuxin/Code_Saturne/7.0.6-patch/code_saturne-7.0.6-patch/arch/Linux_x86_64

Result directory:

Copying base setup data

Compiling and linking user-defined functions

Preparing calculation data

 Single processor code_saturne simulation.

Preprocessing calculation

Post-calculation operations

Error running the preprocessor.
Check the preprocessor.log file for details.

Error in preprocessing stage.

Error in preprocessing stage.
Inspecting the logs, I see this :

Code: Select all

--out mesh_input/mesh_03.csm --log preprocessor_03.log --case preprocessor_03 

  |                              |
  |   Code_Saturne Preprocessor  |
  |                              |

  code_saturne version 7.0.6-patch   (built Thu Jan 11 18:43:35 2024)

  CGNS 4.1.0 file format support
  MED 4.1.1 (HDF5 1.10.6) file format support
  Reading of compressed files ('.gz') with Zlib 1.2.11

Case configuration

  Date                : Fri Apr 12 02:35:31 2024
  System              : Linux 5.15.0-102-generic
  Machine             : fuxin
  Processor           : AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor
  Memory              : 16275496
  User                : fuxin (fuxin)
  Directory           : /home/fuxin/Desktop/Code_Saturne_Tutorials/full_domain/case1/RESU/20240412-0235

  Case name           : preprocessor_03
  Mesh file           : /home/fuxin/Desktop/Code_Saturne_Tutorials/full_domain/MESH/vessel.cgns

Reading mesh from file in CGNS format
  Mesh file: /home/fuxin/Desktop/Code_Saturne_Tutorials/full_domain/MESH/vessel.cgns

Error in preprocessor execution

/home/fuxin/Documents/saturne-src/code_saturne/preprocessor/pre-post/ecs_pre_cgns.c:250: Fatal error.

CGNS: error checking file type "/home/fuxin/Desktop/Code_Saturne_Tutorials/full_domain/MESH/vessel.cgns":
no CGNS error reported

Call stack 
   1: 0x563e1a52017f <ecs_pre_cgns__lit_maillage+0x41af> (cs_preprocess)
   2: 0x563e1a5175b3 <ecs_pre__lit_maillage+0x103>    (cs_preprocess)
   3: 0x563e1a50f390 <main+0xa0>                      (cs_preprocess)
   4: 0x7fdb647b3083 <__libc_start_main+0xf3>         (
   5: 0x563e1a50fbde <_start+0x2e>                    (cs_preprocess)
End of stack
Any idea on how to solve this problem? I haven't seen anything related to this issue on this forum. The other two meshes in .med file type are preprocessing correctly. Only vessel.cgns seems to cause the issue.

If it can be of any information, I did the simple junction tutorial without any problems.

Thank you in advance,

Yvan Fournier
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Re: CGNS: error checking file type

Post by Yvan Fournier »


This error means a CGNS library call (cg_is_cgns) checking that the file is indeed a CGNS file has failed.

This could be a bug in the CGNS library (we have tested 4.1.2, 4.4.0, and some 4.3 versions I think, but I am not sure about 4.1.0), and install issue (if CGNS is not built with HDF5 support), or a corrupted file.

If you have the CGNS tools installed, can you open the file using cgnsview or cgnscheck) ? That would help guide further checks.

Best regards,

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