Automatic change in monitoring point

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Automatic change in monitoring point

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Hi all,

I am using the functionality in the GUI related to monitoring points to observe the evolution of the solution over time at certain points. I notice that, when opening the probes_coords.csv file, the coordinates that I entered were slightly modified. My question is, do they automatically change to the position of the nearest cell center? Is there a way to configure it to maintain the entered position using some type of interpolation?
Yvan Fournier
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Re: Automatic change in monitoring point

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Yes, you can set part of this behavior in the GUI ("one probe per cell"), and can have finer grained controls in user-defined functions.
Check the Doxygen (html) documentation for cs_probe_set_t. The default behavior will also depend on whether the mesh is fixed (where we snap coordinates to cell centers) or moving/deformable. The distance between requested probe locations and matching cell centers is also summarized in run_solver.lig.


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