Syrthes Coupling

This forum is dedicated to Syrthes related issues, as the Syrthes tool does not have its own forum.
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Syrthes Coupling

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I am attempting to run a case with code_saturne coupled to two solid domains (solid 1 and solid 2). Running with just the first solid domain seems to run ok, but when I introduce the second I get the following error:
/home/alex.meredith/FREEDOM/decay_tube/decay_store/RESU_COUPLING/20230414-1136/fluid/src/cs_syr4_coupling.c:658: Fatal error.

Selected mesh locations:
lead to an empty mesh for SYRTHES coupling .
It is not clear to me what may be causing this. Any ideas?

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Re: Syrthes Coupling

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Yes, it means the selection criterion "solid2" does not match any faces (of the CFD mesh)


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