Syrthes 1D FLuid

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Syrthes 1D FLuid

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I'm trying to follow pipes2_fluid1d tutorial with Syrthes version 4.3.5. But when preparing the model and running, I get an error

Other tutorials work fine, as do the Test cases that come with the code.

When looking at the error log, it seems that it does not recognize the 1d fluid commands.

What I can be doing wrong?

I am sorry for my bad english.

tutorial from: https: // --> "Download tutorial"

(667.45 KiB) Downloaded 418 times
Yvan Fournier
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Re: Syrthes 1D FLuid

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It seems that the tutorial you downloaded is written for a future (not yet released) version of Syrthes (Syrthes 5).

The key words that are not recognized probably do not exist in Syrthes 4.

I have no idea when Syrthes 5 is supposed to be released (and only have access to a Syrthes 4 repository).


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