Building CS 6.0.1 on Mac OSX

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Building CS 6.0.1 on Mac OSX

Post by dmingram66 »

I have been trying to build 6.0.1 on OSX using Homebrew with both clang and gcc as well as gfortran.

during the build I get the following error:
cs_atmo.c:786:1: error: conflicting types for 'cs_atmo_chemistry_log_setup'
./cs_atmo.h:273:1: note: previous declaration is here
1 error generated.

Looking at the code cs_atmo.h contains

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void cs_atmo_chemistry_log_setup(void);
where as cs_atmo.c contains

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adding void to line 768 of cs_atmo.c fixes the issue.
Yvan Fournier
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Re: Building CS 6.0.1 on Mac OSX

Post by Yvan Fournier »


Thanks for the feedback. I assume you meant version 6.1.0 an not 6.0.1, so I'll probably rename the thread so it may benefit others.

The issue had been fixed in the "master" branch, but forgotten in 6.1. I just pushed the fix in the Git branch, so it will be in 6.1.1.

Also, we do not have access to recent OSX machines, and I know the linker for OSX was a bit special, so code_saturne defaults to static builds on those machines.

I may have a solution for user functions with dynamic libraries (available on Git branch 6.1 head and master also), so if you are interested in helping us test this, I will be happy to walk you through this.

Best regards,

Yvan Fournier
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