The prolem with convective outlet bounary condition

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The prolem with convective outlet bounary condition

Post by MartianDuan » Thu Nov 12, 2015 10:42 am

Dear developer and users.

I am using the Code_Saturne 4.0.2 to run the FSI simulation to study the effect of the movement of the valve head on the flow field. The movement of the valve is defined in the usalcl.f90. To avoid the reflection from the outlet boundary, I created a convective outlet boundary conditions, which is converted from a tutorial case of Code_Saturne 3.0.*.

However, the simualtion came across the error immediately after the convective functions being turned on. Can you please have a look at the case and give me some suggestions?

The source files of the simualtiona and the 'listing' are attached. Please have a look.

Kindest regards,

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Yvan Fournier
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Re: The prolem with convective outlet bounary condition

Post by Yvan Fournier » Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:55 am


The crash happens in your subroutine from cs_user_extra_operations.f90.

It might be due to a division by zero or an uninitialized variable.

Running a debug build would tell you which line is incorrect. Using Valgrind could also be very helpful, as the case is small enough.

Otherwise, I recommend checking the values of all terms in your formulas separately.



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