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Parallel computation issue with restart simulation

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2021 10:27 pm
by Rodolphe

I am using the coupling between Saturne and Syrth├Ęs which works fine. When I use parallel computation and try to restart a new simulation from a previous one, I get an error linked to the .res file from the first simulation (It is not the case when I use simple computation). Indeed, it says that the the following file
cannot be opened whereas I did mention another .res file as results to begin from (resu1_all.res). The latter seems to hold results for the whole domain while resu1_00002part00000.res only a part (computed by one of the processors).

I've joined the .syd file of the failed case (untitled.log)and the listing files of both failed and previous case.

Thanks for your help !

Best regards,