Comparison of two 3D approaches for atmospheric dispersion

Examples of flow modelling using Code_Saturne.
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Commanay Julien

Comparison of two 3D approaches for atmospheric dispersion

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Dear friends,

Please find enclosed some comparisons performed between two 3D approaches for atmospheric
dispersion. These models are Code Saturne (CFD RANS) and a LPDM (Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model) called MSS.

We performed this comparison in the field of a working group dedicated to 3D modelling of atmospheric dispersion (French Ministry of Environment) on a “virtual site”, which means that no experimental data are available.

This case involves a gaseous release of propane (dense gas) oriented in the direction of an obstacle during 10 minutes. Some obstacles (buildings and a long wall) are located within the computational domain.

Input profiles of wind, turbulence and temperature are related to a stable weather condition (stability F in Pasquill classification and 3 m/s at 10 m above ground level).

Videos should be here-after. The same scales have been considered for concentrations at 0.5m above ground level and isosurfaces are both related to lower flammable limit of propane.

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