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Informations about atmospheric module with chemistry

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2023 12:19 pm
by MatthieuM
Hello everyone,

I would like to work with the atmospheric module and chemistry. After some researches in users guides and Doxygen documentation, I didn't find lots of informations about the chemistry options. Is there any documentation available about that? Especially, I would be interested in :

- The definition of the 3 pre-programmed chemistry resolution schemes available in user_parameters.c, in particular the first one (4 species / 5 reactions).

- The format of the required chemistry file. From the sources in src/atmo, it seems to be quite close to the meteo file (vertical profiles to indicate species concentrations), but it would be much simpler to have a reference file, in order to have the exact structure, and informations about used units concerning species concentrations.

I read an old post referring to the Polyphemus documentation, but I didn't find anything on this side either.

Thank you for your reply,
Best regards,