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groundwater module

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2022 3:57 pm
by SimBu
Hello everyone,
I'm trying to understand how the groundwater flow module works, for this I created a very simple case to check if I can get it to work but it currently fails. During the inistialisaiton, the following error appears :
Code_Saturne: /home/simeon/codesaturne/code_saturne/src/gui/cs_gui_util.c:382: Warning
Incorrect setup tree definition for the following node:
node_pointer: (nil)
This is definitely due to my incomplete setup but I can't seem to find very detailed documentation on this module (except in the theory guide), so if anyone understands why it doesn't work....

My geometry is a cube with the inlet at the top, two opposite faces are symmetry, the two other vertical faces are groundwater flow and the bottom is an outlet.

I tried to test several configuration, dealing with volume/scalar source term and groundwater volumic law without success. I did not add SRC files yes but maybe I should ? It seemes that the gui is quiet complete with this module...

Please find attached my installation file and my log file,