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Jacques Fontaine
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Code_Saturne Installation issues forum guidelines

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Dear Code_Saturne users,

Welcome to the Code_Saturne installation issues forum!

This section is dedicated to the installation (suggestions, encountered problems, ...) of Code_Saturne.

Some advice for the installation procedure:
For a classic installation on Ubuntu/Debian with administrator rights, we suggest to use the synaptic package manager and to install the "code-saturne" package. You can also download sources on the website and install the code with the automatic script:

For finer control of optional features or installation on clusters, a "manual" install is recommended. Note that an installation documentation is available here, so in case of problems please check this manual before posting questions here.

Note also that Code_Saturne may be installed easily on a user account, so administrator rights are only required if you choose to install it to system directories (/usr or /usr/local for example).

In case the recommendations above are not enough, providing the following details when posting to this forum will help others answer:
  • version of Code_Saturne,
  • details on system/machine,
  • third party tools used (gcc/icc version, ...),
  • join config.log and console errors.

As before, the Code_Saturne team will do its best to solve problems encountered with the code, but please note that there is no warranty on availability of support.

Best regards,
The Code_Saturne team