Incoming mass flow detained

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Incoming mass flow detained

Post by Boone11 »

Hi all,

I try to run a 3D computation of downward facing step with periodic BC in the spawise direction. The mesh is supposed to composed of both strcutured and non-structured cells, but as I face many issues to make it works, I tried to run a computation on a fully unstructured mesh as a first step. After few timesteps I obtain the warning message: "Incoming mass flow detained". I run the computation on 10 processors.

I see several warning messages in the listing file that can be the cause of this issue but I do not understand why they appear:

1) No "partition_input/domain_number_10" file available; -> what does it means? I effectively do not provide any partition input but I set the partioning to "default"
2) the number of interior faces and boundary faces is modified due to joining associated with periodicity BC:

Code: Select all

  Before joining
     Number of cells:          123186
     Number of interior faces: 234279
     Number of boundary faces: 24186
     Number of vertices:       26151
  After joining
     Number of cells:          123186
     Number of interior faces: 245435
     Number of boundary faces: 13030
     Number of vertices:       26151
3) Mesh quality issue has been detected:

Code: Select all

 Criterion 2: Offset:
    Number of bad cells detected: 19123 -->  16 %

  Criterion 3: Least-Squares Gradient Quality:
    Number of bad cells detected: 2551 -->   2 %
However, I have very little constaint on my mesh and the geometry is simple. See the mesh overview below:
The used mesh and the setup file can be downloaded here: ... fef4754f8a

The listing file is attached.

Thanks a lot for your help !
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