Syrthes 5.0 building issues

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Syrthes 5.0 building issues

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Since the syrtes installation documentation is not abundant, I am facing a lot of trouble downloading syrthes 5.0. :
I want to couple code_saturne 7.0 and Syrthes and I encounter many problems:
First, in the setup.ini file,
#scotch USE=yes PATH=/home/simeon/Code_Saturne/7.0.5-patch/scotch-6.1.0/arch/Linux_x86_64
causes the same libz issues than
ansystk wrote: Thu Jun 24, 2021 10:07 am Hi all,

I am facing some troubles to compile Syrthes 5.0 from source and to link it to the Saturne code 7.0.0.

The installation from source of the Saturne code is ok as I could compute some CFD simulations without any issues.

I am on ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

I tried also the 4.3.5 Syrthes version and to compile with the "ple USE=no and syrthescfd INSTALL=no" options to make a standalone Syrthes install without any success.

I attach below my setup.ini and the error.log files

Thank you in advance for your help,
Best regards,

So I decided to download scotch with Syrthes, I don't know if it will cause some trouble to use different PT_Scotch with COde saturne and Syrthes.

Then, launching the program leads to errors explained in the syrthesconvert.log (attached), but it seems to be ok so I finally decided to launch the GUI anyway, and to test the 3D_2D_DISKS tutorial. At the step of adding the mesh, the following error appears:
I have obviously sourced syrthes with xx/bin/syrthes.profile just before, so the env variable SYRTHES_HOME is /home/sim/syrthes/syrthes5.0/arch/Linux_x86_64

I suspect a problem with my gcc version (which is 4.9)... Is syrthes 5 compatible with Ubuntu20 ?

Moreover, concerning the syrthes_gui build, it seems (inspecting the code) that I should be using Pyton library provided by syrthes, but I chose to use the one located in /usr/lib/python3 , will it cause some issues ?

If anyone has the answer to my problem, thanks in advance

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Re: Syrthes 5.0 building issues

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Regarding the GUI, you should check the previous thread and its solution, which seems very similar: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2993.

Otherwise, for coupling, here are a few solutions :

- If you really need the features in Syrthes 5 not in Syrthes 4, then you don't have much choice except pursue this approach (I know about some additional radiative model approaches, but am not sure those can be coupled with code_saturne, and have otherwise not seen anything resembling release notes).

- If Syrthes 4 is enough, the version on this web site ( ... requisites) should be easier to install (at least for the GUI).

- If you do not need the transparent medium radiative model from Syrthes and do not need setting contact (material interface) resistance values, the internal coupling in code_saturne can be used instead. If you computation domain is mostly solid, that would make the computation more expensive/slower, though. If it is mostly fluid, that would be about as fast, possibly better (depending on load balancing). And it is easier to set up.

Best regards,

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Re: Syrthes 5.0 building issues

Post by SimBu »

Hi Yvan,
thank you very much for your detailed answer, I have already read that topic, and it id not help me, I think the matter is linked with syrthesconvert? It is a pity that Syrthes 5 was not thought to feat with code saturne...
Indeed for now I will try without Syrthes and do with code_saturne thermal feature.
I'll try later with syrthes4.
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