Constant bulk temperature with periodicity

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s marco
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Constant bulk temperature with periodicity

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Dear all,
I am running a bare rode bundle case at Re_t=550 and Pr=0.031 in code_saturne v4. A constant heat flux is imposed to the walls and all the other boundaries are periodic.
For this case, I am using a true periodicity condition and a momentum source term to ensure the bulk flow velocity; so the velocity field it is exactly what I am expecting.
Moreover I have to impose a source term in the energy equation that allows to have constant bulk temperature but seem not to work and the temperature is always increasing.

Does someone knows how to set it up?

Best regards,
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Yvan Fournier
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Re: Constant bulk temperature with periodicity

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Usage questions about code_saturne v4 should be in the usage forum, not "general discussion", so i may move this post later (i.e. if you do not find it anymore, look in the main usage forum).

I am not sure why your temperature increases, but I recommend comparing (i.e. logging) the amount of energy you add or remove with the user source term to the global balance in the computation. The global balance can be activated in the GUI (though not in version 4.0, which is not maintained anymore,).

Best regards,

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