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Jacques Fontaine
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Code_Saturne usage forum guidelines

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Dear code_saturne users,

Welcome to the code_saturne usage forum!

This section is dedicated to the general usage (how to, suggestions, encountered problems, ...) of code_saturne.

Note that the documentation is available here. Please check these manuals before posting questions here.

In case the recommendations and the documentation are not enough, providing the following details when posting to this forum will help others answer:
  • version of code_saturne,
  • the compile.log,
  • the run_solver.log, preprocessor.log, and setup.log
  • in parallel, the error* files if they are present.
If it's possible:
  • user sources and xml file,
  • meshes.
As before, the code_saturne team will do its best to solve problems encountered with the code, but please note that there is no warranty on availability of support.

Also, please avoid private messaging if you have not previously been asked to switch to this mode for specific threads or need to send restricted data. Requesting help to a specific person only prevents others from answering, and will not ensure a faster answer. Especially, for those of us already volunteering time to answer this forum, receiving unsolicited private messages can be considered as poor etiquette and lead to longer response times. Sending reminders for answers we promised a while ago and may have forgotten to provide is okay, though standard posts work as well.

Best regards,
The code_saturne team