Linking Saturne and Salome in Win7

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Linking Saturne and Salome in Win7

Post by giannitu » Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:49 pm

Hi, installed on My pc Salome 2015.1 and Code Saturne 4.0, with Windows 7 64 bit, but the two software are not linked, so I don't see in Salome the environment Code Saturne, but I've to use the Saturne as stand Alone application.
Is the link available also for Win7, so I've have to reinstall everything? or the feature is only in Linux?
I'd like to install also Code Aster, is it available for Windows too?
Thanks a lot.


Yvan Fournier
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Re: Linking Saturne and Salome in Win7

Post by Yvan Fournier » Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:07 pm


No, the two cannot currently be linked on Windows.

I'll let Cyril correct me on this if necessary, but the Code_Saturne windows build is currently based on a Linux cross-compilation (using Cygwin or mingw, I'm not sure which), while the SALOME build is based on VisualStudio.

So linking the two as on Linux would require quite a few changes to the build (probably generating a more "native" build on Windows with the MS compilers).

Maybe in 2016... (unless some Windows or cross-platform developers who have at least some knowledge of build systems such as the GNU autotools, which we use, and/or CMake, which we could use volunteer to help with this, n which case things could even go faster, but I wouldn't place bets).



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