RANS/LES Simulation

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RANS/LES Simulation

Post by marciafof » Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:10 pm


I am a PhD student in the atmospheric field and I am a débutant in CS.
I am trying to launch a LES simulation (LES Smagorinsky) using my RANS results for the turbulence initialisation but the documentation is limited and not clear. I have used the atmospheric model for my RANS simulations (neutral case) with periodic conditions and the mesh is the same for both cases.
What I have tried so far is to launch a "restart" from my RANS simulation but I keep getting the error "OPTIONS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH TIME DICRETISATION SCHEME" .
I should also add that I would like to use periodic conditions for the LES case. Also, it is not clear if I need to use the cs_user_les_inflow-base.f90 since this is use with the synthetic eddy method initialisation.

I have added the listing and the setup files for my case.
Thanks in advance, any clue is welcome!

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Yvan Fournier
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Re: RANS/LES Simulation

Post by Yvan Fournier » Sun Apr 21, 2019 7:13 pm


I do not see why this sort of restart is incompatible, though it might not be very useful since you need several runs through the fluid domain for statistics, and a few runs before that for a good initialization. So you will probably only save 10 or 20 percent of computational time.

In any case, I recommend using a maintained version of Code_Saturne, not a retired one, as we do not do debugging on retired versions in normal circumstances.

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