ALE simulation v5.0.3 vs v6.0.2 discrepancy

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ALE simulation v5.0.3 vs v6.0.2 discrepancy

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I have some problems in understanding the behavior of different versions of code_Saturne with ALE internal coupling simulations.
I have performed a lot of ALE with internal coupling simulations with v5.0.3 in a quite straightforward way, without encountering inconsistencies.

I switched to v6.0.2 and I am facing some issues:
- the setup of the internal coupling through the GUI is not successful with v6.0.2, since I get the following error at the beginning of the simulation: "fluid_fx unrecognized variable", where "fluid_fx" is the default name of the fluid force on the x-direction provided in the GUI. I therefore need to do the setup through subroutines, not a big deal but the error of "fluid_fx" looks strange;
- the results in terms of solid displacements are drastically different between the two versions, for of course the same mesh and same fluid-solid setup.

Of course I realised the setup of v503 through the GUI and the setup of v602 through user subroutines, therefore I cannot guarantee that the setups is identical: but I have double checked several times and everything (fluid setup, structure setup, boundary conditions etc.) seem identical. Moreover, results are significantly different, which suggests that a major setup difference should exist (different fluid velocity or structure parameters, for instance) which is not the case.

I am a bit lost. I would like to ask if both v5.0.3 and v6.0.2 are meant to be fully validated versions, or should I better retain v6.0.0 for instance?
Thank you in advance for any suggestion anyone can provide.

Best regards,
Yvan Fournier
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Re: ALE simulation v5.0.3 vs v6.0.2 discrepancy

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Yes, all v5.0.z and v6.0.z are normally stable versions. Versions 5.0.0 and 6.0.0 contain all bug fixes detected at validation, and later versions either ports to other machines or additional bug fixes.

Actually, I am not sure we have an "internal coupling" test case in the validation suite. We have ALE cases without internal coupling in the validation, and we have an internal coupling case in some training course examples, but it does not seem to use "fluid_fx". So this combination may be missed by the validation.

Could you post or send me the XML file for this case, so I can see if I reproduce this in the v6.0 branch ? Looking at the code sources, this should be handed, though I suspect the transformation of some variables to the newer "MEG" system might catch a "false positive" in an error check.

Best regards,

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