Cave of Lascaux: thermo-aeraulic calculations

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Alexandre Douce

Cave of Lascaux: thermo-aeraulic calculations

Post by Alexandre Douce » Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:55 pm

Since their discovery, the paintings of the Cave of Lascaux have been subjected to many climatical, human or biological disturbances. Their safeguarding has been ensured by a daily monitoring of the cave and by an air-conditioning system. In the framework of a partnership between EDF R&D and the French Ministry of Culture, backed by EDF Foundation, studies of the movements of air inside the cave are carried out in order to better understand the hygrothermal balance of the Cave of Lascaux interacting with its surroundings. Apparition of moisture at the walls, in particular, is bound to endanger the rock paintings.

Rooms in the cave include The Great Hall of the Bulls, the Lateral Passage, the Shaft of the Dead Man, the Chamber of Engravings, the Painted Gallery, and the Chamber of Felines.
Full text of the thesis work (in french)
EDF Fondation press kit (in french)
Mesh of the Great Hall of the Bulls
Initial temperature of the walls
Thermal plume due the the presence of a person
(69.96 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Areas of condensation with a person
(48.52 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Areas of condensation without a person
(53.48 KiB) Not downloaded yet

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