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Aerosol transfer in a ventilated room

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2009 10:20 pm
by Alexandre Douce
In the frame of occupational radiation protection, assessment of aerosol concentration in every
point of a ventilated room is important, in order to ensure protection of operators and supervision of workspaces. Thus, in the scope of a thesis work a model of aerosol transport and deposition has been developed as part of a project started with IRSN , EDF and IMFT.

A simplified eulerian model, called “diffusion-inertia model” is used for particle transport. It contains a single transport equation of aerosol concentration. The specific study of deposition on walls has permitted to develop a boundary condition approach, which determines precisely the particle flux towards the wall in the boundary layer, for any deposition regime and surface
orientation. The final transport and deposition models retained have been implemented in a dedicated version of Code_Saturne.

The pdf of the thesis is available (in french) here.