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Re: Syrthes extra questions

Post by kathi » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:22 pm

hello Jorge,

I m also concerned with the visualization of the heat flux.

I have done the conversion of the syrthes result file "resu.add" containing the heat fluxes, to .med-format. The resulting file name is "". When importing this in ParaVis (or in GMSH) it seems there are 3 scalar fields, with names "FluxT_x", "FluxT_y", "FluxT_z". In "resu.add" I see that this kind of output is not per node, but per (tetra4-)element. Now, which sequence of Filters must I apply in ParaView in order to get a nice view with glyphs?

I would be very happy if you or someone else could help me

regards kathi
best regards


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