Syrthes 4.1.1 user_cond.c different material properties

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Syrthes 4.1.1 user_cond.c different material properties

Post by JBL4S » Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:29 pm

But maybe interesting for someone else.
It is possible within the "for loop" with the key word: "nr", which is mentioned in the user.c file.
/* reference de l'element de bord */



Dear all,

maybe I'm wrong, but the user_cond.c file works with different domains as long as the material properties are the same for the domains. The interation goes over the whole selected domains (e.g., 17 23 7).

But how can I adress a specific solid in the mesh? What is the keyword for each domain?

E.g.: Compound of five solids. three solids have different temperature dependend material properties and or a volumetric heat source.

Maybe someone has a solution and is so kind to share it.

best regards


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