programmer's documentation
How to access and manage the mesh entities and mesh quantities ?

Mesh variables

These variables are defined in the files mesh.f90 and cs_mesh.h.

Fortran code C code Description
ndim cs_glob_mesh->dim Space dimension
ncelet cs_glob_mesh->n_cells_with_ghosts Total number of cells on the local rank
(n_cells + n_ghost_cells)
ncel cs_glob_mesh->n_cells Number of cells
nfac cs_glob_mesh->n_i_faces Number of interior faces
nfabor cs_glob_mesh->n_b_faces Number of boundary faces
nnod cs_glob_mesh->n_vertices Number of vertices
- cs_glob_mesh->n_b_cells Number of boundary cells
lndfac cs_glob_mesh->i_face_vtx_connect_size Size of the connectivity
interior faces -> vertices
lndfbr cs_glob_mesh->b_face_vtx_connect_size Size of the connectivity
boundary faces -> vertices
nfml cs_glob_mesh->n_families Number of families
ifacel cs_glob_mesh->i_face_cells Interior faces -> cells connectivity
ifabor cs_glob_mesh->b_face_cells Boundary faces -> cells connectivity
ipnfac cs_glob_mesh->i_face_vtx_idx Interior faces -> vertices index
nodfac cs_glob_mesh->i_face_vtx_lst Interior faces -> vertices connectivity
ipnfbr cs_glob_mesh->b_face_vtx_idx Boundary faces -> vertices index
nodfbr cs_glob_mesh->b_face_vtx_lst Boundary faces -> vertices connectivity
ifmfbr cs_glob_mesh->b_face_family Boundary face family
ifmcel cs_glob_mesh->cell_family Cell family
- cs_glob_mesh->b_cells Boundary cell list
xyznod cs_glob_mesh->vtx_coord Vertex coordinates

Mesh quantity variables

These variables are defined in the files mesh.f90 and cs_mesh_quantities.h.

Fortran code C code Description
isympa cs_glob_mesh_quantities->b_sym_flag Symmetry flag for boundary faces
xyzcen cs_glob_mesh_quantities->cell_cen Cell center coordinates
surfac cs_glob_mesh_quantities->i_face_normal Surface normal of interior faces
surfbo cs_glob_mesh_quantities->b_face_normal Surface normal of border faces
cdgfac cs_glob_mesh_quantities->i_face_cog Center of gravity of interior faces
cdgfbo cs_glob_mesh_quantities->b_face_cog Center of gravity of border faces
volume cs_glob_mesh_quantities->cell_vol Cell volume
surfan cs_glob_mesh_quantities->i_face_surf Surface of interior faces
surfbn cs_glob_mesh_quantities->b_face_surf Surface of boundary faces
dist cs_glob_mesh_quantities->i_dist Distance between the cell center and
the center of gravity of interior faces
distb cs_glob_mesh_quantities->b_dist Distance between the cell center and
the center of gravity of border faces
pond cs_glob_mesh_quantities->weight Interior faces weighting factor