• Code_Saturne 2.1.0 released

    23 11 2011

    Dear all,

    I'm pleased to announce the release of Code_Saturne 2.1.0, it can be downloaded on Code_Saturne website. As explained on the download page, this is an intermediate and partially validated release. Such version will be released every six months or so while the "long-term support" version will be released every two years. Numerous improvements and new features are available... Read more

  • The 2011 edition of the Code_Saturne User Meeting will be held on November the 28th

    26 09 2011

    The 2011 edition of the Code_Saturne user meeting will be held in Paris, France on November the 28th.

  • Release of stable and validated Code_Saturne version 2.0

    20 07 2011

    The main improvements provided by Code_Saturne 2.0 as compared to the previous version (namely 1.3) are the following (for more information, one should refer to the ChangeLog entries):

    • Atmospheric modeling: part of the Mercure_Saturne code has been integrated into Code_Saturne. This consists in the modeling of neutral or non-neutral atmosphere by solving an... Read more
  • The 2009 edition of the Code_Saturne User Meeting will be held in Chatou (France) on December 7th and 8th

    13 07 2009

    As usual now, the schedule will be composed of plenary presentations, poster sessions and specific sessions for open discussion between the Code_Saturne users and the development team.

  • The 2008 edition of the Code_Saturne User Meeting was held in Chatou (France) on December 1st and 2nd

    02 12 2008
  • SYRTHES, EDF's simulation tool for thermal transients in solid geometries, is available for download and coupling with Code_Saturne

    28 11 2008

    The software SYRTHES is dedicated to transient thermal simulations in complex solid geometries. It is developed by EDF and has recently been released under the GNU GPL licence.

    SYRTHES solves thermal transient in 2D, 2D axi and 3D coordinates system. The solid properties and source terms may vary with respect to time, space, temperature,... The conductivity behavior may be either isotropic, orthotropic or anisotropic. Classical boundary conditions are available and may vary with respect to time, space and temperature. Regarding radiation, diffuse and isotropic wall to wall thermal... Read more

  • Code_Saturne selected as ApplicationBenchmark Code in the European project PRACE on High Performance Computing

    07 07 2008
  • Code_Saturne "Gold Award" inparallel computing at the Daresbury Laboratory (UK)

    11 06 2008

    Code_Saturne has recently obtained a “gold award” in parallel computing on United Kingdom’s HPCxsupercomputer, located at Daresbury Laboratory. This very satisfying result is a reward for the work undertaken for some years nowby the Code_Saturne development team on the optimisation of the code and its... Read more

  • University of Manchester (UK) launches a collaborative TWiki website dedicated to Code_Saturne and CFD.

    31 01 2008


    The School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester is a long time, major partner of EDF for the development, validation and dissemination of Code_Saturne. It has now made... Read more

  • The 2007 edition of the Code_Saturne User Meeting

    21 11 2007