A practical introduction to open source CFD with Code_Saturne and SALOME in London

Based around the general CFD solver, Code_Saturne, and the suite of pre and post-processing tools, SALOME, the course covers:

  • Fundamentals of CFD and recommended best practices for CFD analysis
  • Presentation of the chain of open-source tools to carry out a full CFD analysis:
    • CAD
    • Meshing
    • Setting up a physical and numerical model and solving
    • Visualisation and analysis
  • Practical application tutorial

The objective of the course is to enable participants to undertake a complete CFD cycle, from CAD generation to results analysis using the following open source software:

  • SALOME - geometry generation, meshing, results visualisation and analysis
  • Code_Saturne - simulating the fluid flow and heat transfer
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