SYRTHES, EDF's simulation tool for thermal transients in solid geometries, is available for download and coupling with Code_Saturne

The software SYRTHES is dedicated to transient thermal simulations in complex solid geometries. It is developed by EDF and has recently been released under the GNU GPL licence.

SYRTHES solves thermal transient in 2D, 2D axi and 3D coordinates system. The solid properties and source terms may vary with respect to time, space, temperature,... The conductivity behavior may be either isotropic, orthotropic or anisotropic. Classical boundary conditions are available and may vary with respect to time, space and temperature. Regarding radiation, diffuse and isotropic wall to wall thermal radiation (i.e non-participating medium) with shadowing effect is available in complex 2D cartesian, 2D axi and 3D coordinates system. Emissivity may vary according wavelength.

Code_Saturne and SYRTHES can be coupled for simulations with heat exchanges between a fluid domain and a solid domain. The coupling is integrated in both codes. They exchange information on temperature and thermal flux at each physical time step. The coupling is explicit. The standard version of SYRTHES can handle both standalone running or coupling with Code_Saturne. An additional module, syr_cs, is needed for coupling with Code_Saturne.

More information on SYRTHES.