Advanced CFD and Turbulence Modelling targeting HPC: Code_Saturne Training Course at the University of Zaragoza

The course (sponsored by CECAM as a joint CECAM node event) will take place on 1-3 October 2019.

The following topics will be dealt with:

  • Fundamentals of CFD
  • Introduction to turbulence, focusing on Large-Eddy Simulation (LES)
  • Introduction to non-equilibrium gas dynamics
  • Description of the latest fully validated version of Code_Saturne (V6.0) and its structure -Use of Code_Saturne’s GUI
  • Use of Code_Saturne’s user subroutines Introduction to HPC for CFD, with an overview of the code’s performance on various types of architectures, including Xeon Phi Knights Landing and GPUs

The following hand-on sessions will be delivered first:

  • Hands-on Session: Laminar flow through a tube bundle using the GUI
  • Hands-on Session: LES of flow through a tube bundle with GUI
  • Hands-on Session: LES of flow through a tube bundle with user subroutines

The second part of the school will deal with:

  • Hands-on Session: Use of subroutines for advanced post-processing
  • Hands-on Session: Effect of the partitioning on the time to solution
  • Hands-on Session: Code-Code coupling (flow in a pump)
  • Hands-on Session: Turbulent flow in a pump using Code_Saturne’s turbomachinery module

The last part of the school will present:

  • Hands-on Session: Rarefied gas flow in a cluster of cylinders

The 2 first hands-on sessions will offer the opportunity for the attendees to perform overnight simulations.

More details and registration are to be found at:

Accommodation, refreshments, lunches and dinners are provided (but not travel).