• code_saturne 7.0 release candidate

    09 06 2021

    The new stable version of code_saturne, version 7.0 is available for download.

  • code_saturne 6.3 released

    22 12 2020

    A new feature version of code_saturne, version 6.3 is available for download.

  • code_saturne 6.2 released

    28 08 2020

    A new feature version of code_saturne, version 6.2 is available for download.

  • code_saturne training course in Hangzhou, China

    13 08 2020

    Welcome to the 2020 code_saturne and salome_cfd training courses in Hangzhou, China !

    A training session will be held in China from the 23rd to 25th September, 2020 of code_saturne and salome_cfd. The training session will be given by EDF and YuanSuan (EDF official partner on CAE software in China). It will focus on the following subjects:

    • Code_saturne and its chain of tools for pre- and post-processing.
    • Key features of Code_saturne and the best practice guides.
    • Turbulence models avalable in Code_saturne
    • Introduction to available multi-physics... Read more
  • code_saturne and neptune_cfd on Youtube and Linkedin

    18 04 2020

    It is now possible to keep updated about code_saturne/neptune_cfd on the social networks by following our Youtube dedicated channel and our LinkedIn Page. Feel free to follow !

  • code_saturne 6.1 released

    15 04 2020

    A new feature version of code_saturne, version 6.1 is available for download.

  • Code_Saturne 6.0 released

    26 09 2019

    The new stable version of code_saturne, version 6.0 is available for download.

  • salome_cfd training courses in Xi'an, China

    24 09 2019

    From November 26th to 29th 2019, 4-days salome_cfd training in Xi'an, co-sponsored by EDF Group and Xi'an Jiaotong University.
    A good chance to have a face to face communication with members of the development team.

    Summary of content:
    -    Introduction to salome_cfd and its chain of tools.
    -    Some key features of both solvers code_saturne and its non open-source plug-in neptune_cfd (multifluid eulerian model).
    -    Introduction to development within user functions.
    -    Introduction to available multi-... Read more

  • salome_cfd 2019 introduction video

    05 08 2019

  • Advanced CFD and Turbulence Modelling targeting HPC: Code_Saturne Training Course at the University of Zaragoza

    01 07 2019

    The course (sponsored by CECAM as a joint CECAM node event) will take place on 1-3 October 2019.

    The following topics will be dealt with:

    • Fundamentals of CFD
    • Introduction to turbulence, focusing on Large-Eddy Simulation (LES)
    • Introduction to non-equilibrium gas dynamics
    • Description of the latest fully validated version of Code_Saturne (V6.0) and its structure -Use of Code_Saturne’s GUI
    • Use of Code_Saturne’s user subroutines Introduction to HPC for CFD, with an overview of the code’s performance on various types of architectures, including... Read more