NEPTUNE_CFD is the multiphase-flows solver powered by Code_Saturne HPC capabilities; which can also be embedded in the SALOME plateform. It is based on a multi-fluid (Eulerian) approach.

It is developed within the framework of the NEPTUNE project, a joint R&D initiative for the development of the next-generation simulation tools for nuclear thermal-hydraulics involving the main actors of the French civil nuclear industry (CEA, EDF, FRAMATOME, IRSN).

NEPTUNE_CFD can simulate a wide variety of multiphase flows: free-surface flows (adiabatic or not) ; dispersed flows (boiling flows, bubbly flows, particle-laden flows, droplet-laden flows) with closures to model the inter-phase transfers (momentum, mass, energy). Dedicated models are also available to simulate regime transitions of two-phase flows (from dispersed to stratified two-phase flows).

Contrary to Code_Saturne, NEPTUNE_CFD is not open-source. However, external entities may be granted a license of the solver provided an agreement. Motivated requests (as well as any other types of inquiries) should be addressed to neptune-cfd-support (at) e d f (dot) fr.

Some elementary validation test-cases are presented below.


Simulation of a sloshing experiment with obstacles with NEPTUNE_CFD



Simulation of the CASTILLEJOS experiment with NEPTUNE_CFD