The only compulsory pre-requisites needed are compilers for C/C++/Fortran (such as the GNU compiler collection) and a Python interpreter.

In addition, several optional libraries can be linked with for a more complete experience of Code_Saturne.

These links are provided for information. Most of these libraries are available directly in compiled form through the package managers of the Linux distributions. It is strongly advised to use these compiled packages when available.

On most Linux distributions, packages are separated in a <package> (needed to run) and <package>-dev (development, needed to compile) scheme, so do not forget to check that the development headers for required packages are also installed.

The installation manual provides more details on optional libraries and versions.

Graphical interface

  • Libxml2 (for Code_Saturne 5.3 and older)
  • PyQt 4 or 5

Mesh formats for pre- and post-processing

Parallel computing

Conjugate heat transfer

Code_Saturne has some built-in conjugate heat transfer functionnality, but for cases where some of its additional features are needed, coupling with the Syrthes code may be used.

As Syrthes does not have a dedicated web-site we provide an updated and slightly modified Syrthes 4.3.5 archive. Thus archive is based on the branch used in Salome_CFD. installing the GUI requires PyQt5 (usually availabe as a package) and PyQtChart, which might require compilation or installation using pip on some Linux distributions. Building with Python 3 is recommended, though it might still work with Python 2.7.