Intermediate version 3.1

Click here to dowload a 3.1.4 version.

Version 3.1, released in June 2013, is an intermediate development version. The current patch version is 3.1.4, released May 16 2014, and is the last release of this series. We recommend users who prefer a fully validated version to remain with 3.0, and users who prefer a fully-featured version to upgrade to 3.3. The documentation has been updated.

As with any version, in case you detect bugs, we appreciate your feedback on the forum and bug-tracker, which will help us to provide you with patch releases for this stable series, as well as improvements for future developement versions.

The main improvements provided by Code_Saturne 3.1 as compared to the previous version (namely 3.0) are the following:

Physical modelling:

  • Lagrangian particles tracking

    • New deposition model

    • Zero-flux particle boundary condition to be applied with eulerian symmetries

    • With combustion,  use of a formulation of the coal density local to a particle and improve the numerics

    • Add a particle resuspension model

    • Implementation of a wall law for fluid velocity, k and epsilon for the deposition sub-model

    • Implementation of a Lagrangian boundary condition based on the DLVO theory

  • Remove old coal combustion model

  • Improve k-omega robustness when y+ is low

  • Radiative model: add new S4 S6 S8 and Tn quadratures

Code structure:

  • Use field structure for the scalar with drift and add a drift model for coal combustion.

  • New key words are added to the field structure (the associated models may be activated in cs_user_parameters.f90 user_field_parameters, and one example is available in src/user_examples and documented with Doxygen):

    • scalar_id (inverse of the array isca(iscal))

    • scalar_class (class of the scalar which belongs to, in particular sharing the convective mass flux)

    • inner_mass_flux_id (index of the convective field at inner faces)

    • boundary_mass_flux_id (index of the convective field at boundary faces)

    • drift_scalar_model (type of model for drift scalar: 0 no drift, > 0 with drift)

Documentation updates

  • Many documentation updates

GUI changes:

  • If the GUI is launched through SALOME, update the object browser in order to display the results

  • Possible activation of the Lagrangian particle deposition sub-model through the GUI

  • Add new case creation capability by GUI.

  • CFD_STUDY: display the listing in the standard dialog window.

User and pre/post processing changes

  • Full rewrite of the Lagrangian particle tracking postprocessing output, which is now usable in parallel.
  • Add handling of white-space in paths
  • GUI and CFD_STUDY: display the monitoring points on the SALOME VTK viewer

Architectural changes

  • Automatic installer changes. The installer is now in the top-level directory, and does not download Code_Saturne anymore. The setup file template is generated by a first call to MPI should now be installed upstream, but PT-SCOTCH and ParMetis are now handled.

  • Improve robustness of SALOME detection for YAMM builds. Sourcing the SALOME environment should not be required anymore when the --with-salome configure option is used with a YAMM salome build (which includes its own Python interpreter by default).

  • To simplify current and future tests, a build-aux/  file was added to allow writing of configuration tests in Python.

  • Improve MPI variant detection.

  • Add EOS (EDF/CEA "Equations Of State") detection and support.

  • Add MPMD support for Blue Gene/Q.

  • AutoVnV postprocessing and other functionnality additions