Production version 7.0

Click here to dowload code_saturne-7.0.0 (released June 15 2021).

Version 7.0, released June 2019, is a "long-term support" version, and the 7.0 branch has undergone a full validation process. The documentation has been updated.

We recommend users using version 6.0 to switch to version 7.0.

As with any version, in case you detect bugs, we appreciate your feedback on the forum and bug-tracker, which will help us to provide you with patch releases for this stable series, as well as improvements for future developement versions.

Reminder: current code_saturne developpment cycles are based on a release approximately every 6 months, including a fully validated, "long-term support" version every 2 years. Version 6.0 will be maintained until the version 8.0 release in 2023, and version 5.0 retired june 15 2021 with the release of version 7.0.0.

For more details, the reader may refer either to the release notes of the version or to the file.