Frequently Asked Questions

Code_Saturne is only able to run single-phase flows simulations, with some exceptions:

  • particles tracking with a Lagrangian approach.
  • cases where the particles are handled as an Eulerian field

Two examples of the above would be different combustion models used in the code, where pulverized coal is a separate phase from air.

Also, multi-gas or multi-liquid computations may be handled, though this requires a more advanced setup (usually assigning a species field for secondary fluids mixture fraction, and defining fluid properties such as density and viscosity based on the mixture.

Version 5.0 builds are available, based on the Mingw-w64 environment and compilation from Cygwin.

More recent versions are not built in this way, as some optional prerequisites do not seep to support this platform any more so these builds will probably be discontinued in the near future, unless we receive help improving the build system for Windows, which would be welcome.

For Windows users who are somewhat familiar with the command-line, the code may also be build on the Linux subsystem for Windows, in which case the Linux installation instructions can be used, The GUI requires an X-server, which is not officially supported, but seems to work.