User Meeting, edition 2019

Salome_CFD Days @EDF: Code_Saturne & NEPTUNE_CFD user meeting. The 2019 edition of the CFD User Meeting will be held at EDF Lab Saclay (France) on May the 7th. The detailed program is available here.

Code_Saturne Presentations:

Selected Salome_CFD evolutionsCode_Saturne dev. Team (EDF R&D – MFEE)
Code_Saturne: quality is in the air

Martin Ferrand (EDF R&D/CEREA),
Cédric Flageul (ENPC/CEREA)

Code_Saturne for groundwater flow applications: Case of long-term safety studiesJérôme Bonelle (EDF R&D/MFEE),
Raphaël Lamouroux (EDF R&D/LNHE)
Code_Saturne and NEPTUNE_CFD activities in ChinaTingting Xu (EDF R&D – China Center)
Recent applications of Code_Saturne at EDF R&D UK CentreJuan Uribe (EDF R&D – UK Center)
Measurement of primary coolant flow rate from a pressure differenceRomain Camy (EDF – DIPNN/DT)
Design of submerged thermal diffusers by numerical modellingOlivier Bertrand (Artelia)
Avoiding segregation with Code_SaturneCharles Demay (EDF R&D/PRISME)
Bayesian calibration of a two-group IATE model for air-water flowsNicolas Leoni (CEA)
Towards a numerical reactor for LOCA with NEPTUNE_CFDNicolas Mérigoux (EDF R&D/MFEE)
Moving solids every way in multiphase flows with NEPTUNE_CFDWilliam Benguigui, Jérôme Laviéville (EDF R&D/MFEE)
Development of Code_Saturne for Rarefied Gas Flow Dave Emerson (STFC)
Applications of the Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian approach for modeling water wavesJeffrey Harris (ENPC)
Cleaning up with Code_Saturne and SALOMENicolas Tonello (RENUDA)