User Meeting, edition 2018

Salome_CFD Days @EDF: Code_Saturne & NEPTUNE_CFD user meeting. The 2018 edition of the CFD User Meeting will hold at EDF Lab Saclay (France) on April the 5th and the 6th. The first day will be dedicated to the open-source solver Code_Saturne. The second day will be dedicated to the multiphase flow solver NEPTUNE_CFD. The detailed program is available here.

Code_Saturne Presentations:

ForewordM. Ferrand Head of  Code_Saturne project
Invited LectureM. Boucker Deputy Head of Nuclear Future Initiatives
Latest news and prospects in Code_Saturne and Salome_CFDCode_Saturne dev. Team EDF R&D – MFEE
CFD-Uncertainty Quantification benchmark on Cold Leg Mixing from OECDR. Camy EDF DT - THL
Wall-Modelled Large Eddy Simulation of the flow through PWR fuel assemblies at Re= 66000 - Validation on CALIFS experimental setupM.-C. Gauffre EDF R&D – MFEE
Hot Gas Release in a Gas Circulator HallL. Rouault EDF R&D UK centre
Code_Saturne in China: 2017-2018 activity overviewT. Xu EDF China
Overtopping flows simulations with the volume of fluid module of Code_SaturneY. Bercovitz EDF R&D LNHE
Cooling and ventilation applications and fundamental validations of Code_Saturne on different mesh typesN. Tonello RENUDA
Development of an accurate and efficient compressible algorithm in Code_Saturne for the modelling of high-speed compressorsA. Heffron Queen Mary Uni.
Heat exchanger multilevel modelling and optimization using Code_Saturne F. Mastrippolito EC Lyon – CEA – Valeo – EDF
Review of 2017/2018 Code_Saturne Atmospheric Module Applications at ARIA Tech.L. Makke & M. Nibart ARIA Technologies
WRAPP - A comprehensive methodology to estimate the wind resource, production and wake effectsG. Angot EDF R&D – MFEE
Modelling frozen salt walls in molten salt fast reactorsS. Rolfo STFC
Closure D. Banner Head of the EDF R&D simulation program