User Meeting, edition 2015


The 2015 edition of the Code_Saturne User Meeting hold at EDF Lab Chatou (France) on April the 2nd.

This edition was the eighth User Meeting since the code was made open source. Around 130 participants attended the conference. The list of posters and presentations is given below. Most of them can be downloaded by clicking on their reference.



  • Modelling a Low-Speed Centrifugal Compressor with Code_Saturne (A. Heffron, Queen Mary, University of London)

  • Péclet robust CDO schemes for advection-diffusion on polyhedral meshes (P. Cantin, EDF R&D  MFEE)

  • Modelling fly ash particles deposition on olive waste fired boiler; Experimental and computational analysis of olive residues biomass-fired grates (M.A. Díaz, P.J. Leal, C. Yin and A. J. Gámez, Gestamp Energy Solutions R&D Department  Institute of Energy Technology, Aalborg University - Universidad de Cádiz  Escuela Superior de Ingeniería)

  • Adaptive Wall Treatment for the Elliptic Blending Reynolds Stress Model (J.-F. Wald, EDF R&D  MFEE)

  • Simulation of cavitating flows in hydraulic machineries using an homogeneous mixture model (B. De Laage De Meux, EDF R&D  MFEE)

  • 3-D Atmospheric Infrared Radiative Transfer in Code_Saturne to Simulate Fog Formation (L. Makke, EDF R&D  MFEE)

  • Modelling of natural draft wet cooling tower behaviour in realistic atmospheric conditions using Code_Saturne (A. Chahine, B. Carissimo, EDF R&D  MFEE)

  • Influence of Potential Sleeve Leakage on Gas Mixing in AGR Fuel Assemblies (Juan Uribe, Charles Moulinec, Jim Gotts, Bing Xu, David R. Emerson, D.R. Laurence, EDF R&D UK Centre; STFC Daresbury Laboratory; EDF Energy, Nuclear Generation; EDF R&D, MFEE; The University of Manchester, School of MACE)

  • Verification of Code Saturne compressible module (O. Hurisse, E. Le Coupanec, EDF R&D  MFEE)